5 reasons to dislike your Eastbourne Plumber?

What the the top five reasons for being unhappy with your Eastbourne Plumber?


Equally it is logical that the opposite of these observations could be turned into “what makes a good Eastbourne Plumber?”. 

We should really have qualified the title with “in no particular order”, as there would be a different running order for most people.  Which of money, mess, attention to detail, punctuality, and competence would be most crucial for you?  You might agree with some other people on your views, but you won’t agree with everyone, for sure.

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Therefore, randomly:

Money,  The feeling that the customer has been “had” or ripped off.  The most common causes for this include the final bill differing from the quote when there is no discernible difference in the actual work done and the work quoted for.  In other words- being charged extra for no good reason.  The customer is rarely sufficiently technically knowledgeable to argue the toss.

Mess– there does not have to be much of it, just more than was expected by the customer- it could be muddy footprints or stains on floors and carpets.  This is made infinitely worse if the feeling behind the dissatisfaction is that the plumber “just did not care”- it adds insult to injury.  It could also mean not taking off say old pipe clips, or boiler controls if a new heating system has been added.  A good Eastbourne Plumber will have good communication skills and you will feel that you can talk to them and ask them about putting protective sheets down, or removing  old fixtures and fittings- in fact it is arguably something that should have been addressed at the quotation stage

Finish, or attention to details.  If you are having a new kitchen or bathroom fitted it will be evident when you are lying in the bath or waiting for the kettle to boil if the tile grouting is not good or the sealants have been messily applied.  A good plumber will ensure that the finishing touches leave a good taste in the mouth.

Punctuality.  From start to end.  Arriving when they say they will, the job not taking longer than they say it will (unforseen complications aside) being punctual throughout the job, being prompt with paperwork, professionalism in a word.

Skill, or competence.  Even  to the layperson it is often evident whether a plumber is experienced and skillful in what they do and how they do it.  Design and problem solving are essential skills for plumbers- they have to understand what size boilers, radiators, showers and baths, cupboards, and much more are suitable for the customer to get the results that they want.  They have to be skillful at installing all of the elements to get a good result.  They have to be skillful communicators too, naturally.

What have we missed out?

We might have been tempted to put honesty at the top of the list, however it is our contention that this word covers a host of other things and means different things to different people.  Of course outright lies about any aspect of the work would be a “single strike and out issue”.  That said, if you have done diligent checks on your plumber and they are registered, have traceable testimonials and online reviews whether through Google, Yahoo, Bing and directory sites then there should be no basic issues.  If there are no such issues, then the devil (or indeed God-dependent on your viewpoint) is in the detail.

It is better to make notes of any issues that concern you and be direct about them- such as how highly you value cleanliness or your new rug (take it up for goodness sake, if you can!) and to ask questions before the job starts and as you go along.

Most issues with any Eastbourne Plumber can be sorted out by good communication, much like most of life really.

What do you think?



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