Blocked Drains Eastbourne

Blocked Drains Eastbourne

Blocked Drains Eastbourne unblocked by your Emergency Plumber Eastbourne

We really would prefer it if we were never called out to unblock drains, for the most part they are nearly always avoidable, and you have better things to spend your money on.

So, following some simple rules will enable you to spend your money on the cinema, clothes, a meal out or whatever you fancy.

Lets spend some time on prevention rather than cure. 

Blocked Drains Eastbourne, Eastbourne Emergency Plumber

A kitchen sink trap will help!

Traps under sinks and baths are there for a reason- to trap debris and unwanted items from entering the sewers and drains where they can do more harm than good.  Physical objects are aided in their destructive capacities by the enemy of drains- fats.  Fats coagulate in colder places- your immediate kitchen sink trap might be fat free, due to the hot water that regularly goes down the plug hole, only for the fats which are liquid at higher temperatures to well, fat really- lard basically.  Once a slight obstruction has been latched onto by congealing fats they present a greater and of course very sticky for other fatty deposits to form.  In winter this will happen quicker than in warmer seasons, owing to colder temperatures. 

Apart from water companies complaining about householders and businesses tendancies to put fat down the plug hole, and that they should “bag it and bin it” following such bad habits can be costly for the householder that has to pay to get their drains unblocked.

The golden rule about blocked drains is that they never get blocked at a convenient time.  Equally, the first time you know about it is when the sink won’t drain, or more likely, an inspection point becomes backed up and waste water pops up from round the sides onto paving slabs or surrounding lawns and gardens.  Most housholds carry a plunger and most homeowners have at some point rolled up their sleeves- tips to get the job done more effectively include putting vaseline on the plunger rim, filling the sink with (hot) water, and blocking the over-flow with your free hand.  If the problems lie deeper in the drainage system then most home owners do not carry a set of drain rods, well not as a rule anyway.

If the worst happens there is generally only one thing to do and that is to call a plumber or drain specialist to clear the blockage.  It is not usually too difficult to isolate the problem, however some very specialist companies carry camera inspection equipment  however they usually deal with commercial situations- but do bear this in mind if you think that the issue may be complex.  For the most part, a competent Eastbourne Plumber will be able to sort your blocked drains out quickly.  One word of warning- if the blockage is beyond the main drain then sewage might be involved too, and you really don’t want to find out the hard way.  If flushing an empty loo causes waste to overflow you really don’t want to flush a used toilet.  You have been warned if you did not already know.

So, back to prevention- children playing in kitchen sinks with toys with detachable parts represent a real and present danger, but less so if you have a drain strainer, which is also going to prevent food residues going down the system too.  They cost very little and could save you a lot of money in the long term, not to mention inconvenience.

Eastbourne Plumbers will unblock drains and leave the site clean  and tidy.  They might just be your best bet if you get caught out by blocked drains.

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