Causes of Blocked Drains Eastbourne

Causes of Blocked Drains Eastbourne

If you are suffering from the unwelcome scenario of blocked drains Eastbourne, we will help you!

What use are drains anyway?

Drains or traps are there to block off the smells which would otherwise rise from the water and sewage drainage systems.  That and to prevent objects being cast without thought or care into the systems and blocking the whole darn thing up!

How and why can they get blocked?

Some of the common agents of destruction and doom include toothpicks, coffee grounds, cotton buds, tissue, children’s toys, food debris, excessive conditioner which is not fully flushed away in showers, and a binding agents such as animal fats, or oils.  It is not only at the trap but also further down the system that problems can occur.  A bend in a drain is a handy place for an object to lodge itself, or food to rest and more to be added, and fats solidify at cooler temperatures just to add to the general gunk and cause a blockage.

Blocked Drains Eastbouirne

Eastbourne is centrally located on the coast in East Sussex, and in case you did not know here is a map of the Wards, courtesy of our local council.  We can and do cover further afield, we can be most places in East Sussex within half an hour-especially out of core hours when the traffic flows freely-unlike the water in blocked drains Eastbourne!

eastbourne wards

Some of the possible reasons you might need to call us to get your drains seen to include:

  • Blocked toilets
  • Blocked shower drains
  • Blocked kitchen sink drains
  • Blocked external drains
  • Blocked drains of any kind in your business, workplace, factory etc.
  • Blocked utility sink drains

Common Problems

Some drains can be tricky to unblock particularly if there is not a great deal of space under the shower for example.  We have all made mistakes when trying to unblock drains ourselves- dumping a trap full of smelly water on the pots and pans under the kitchen sink for example, or scratching the porcelain in the bathroom sink or dropping another object down it as we try to clear it! Common sense might see us being able to clear some of the common blockages ourselves, if we wanted to, had the time to, or had the aptitude to.  For many, it is better, safer, quicker and cleaner to call the experts and get our blocked drains cleared.

If the location of the blockage is hard to find,. an Eastbourne Plumber with many years experience is likely to be able to find it faster than a lay person, after all is said and done.  They also have the equipment such as rods, inspection tools including cameras, and the like to pin-point where the issues lie.  Power flushing might be an option in some cases, either to clear a blockage or to ensure that the drain is fully cleared after the removal of the obstruction.

Of course, prevention is better than cure, but in dealing with blocked drains Eastbourne we know that you don’t want a lecture, just your drains clearing quickly and professionally, and of course politely.

Common Questions

Pricing can be an issue for some, and most prospective customers want to know:

  • if there is a call out fee or not
  • if there is a premium charge for out of hours work
  • if the work is guaranteed or not
  • if the work is to a quoted price or not

Don’t be afraid to ask questions of your Eastbourne Plumber and get your drains sorted out to your satisfaction.

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