Do not rely on Plumbing Eastbourne reviews

Do not rely on Plumbing Eastbourne reviews

Why you should never just trust  Plumbing Eastbourne reviews and nothing else.

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If you put “plumbing Eastbourne” into your favourite search engine, you will come up with what appears to be over 100 + results.
So, you should consider looking for a recommended plumber Eastbourne instead?  If you stick to just “plumbing” the choice seems endles, just for plumbers in Eastbourne.
Then there are plumbing supplies and DIY stores too.
Such a wide choice can be confusing and even-to use an old fashioned word- bamboozling!
Before we ramble on, here is a much simpler version which we think is far from complete- from the USA, for your consideration.

Sure, you can look for review star ratings, and they give some guide- but they are open to some level of manipulation- trades people can encourage customers to write reviews when they think that they are going to be positive, and not when they are going to be less than five stars, for example.
Equally, most people will not trouble to write a negative review unless it was a truly negative experience- most not all.  So there are some inherent biases in the reviews.  This applies to them wherever they are found, bi they on Checkatrade, , or Yell, for example:.  Now before we are contacted by those august organisations saying that they do their utmost to ensure that reviews are accurate, we know that they are.  However, although such organisations can put some safeguards in place, there is no such thing as complete objectivity.  Let’s just say that they provide part  of the picture as to the quality of Eastbourne Plumbing “providers”.
If we were the leading search engine we might say that there “is an algorithm for that” but most of us just have to rely on common sense.  Even if a quality loop style company says that its members leave cards to be filled in by the customer they have to a) check (!) that the Eastbourne Plumber did just that and b) they would have to sample 100% of cards received.  Less that half of the cards sampled from those that are even returned should as previously stated only be part of the overall picture.  As a final thought, you have to have been a customer to even leave a review on the main trade review site- there are many incidences of plumbers not turning up either on time, or at all for visits..OK, that is sufficient elaboration on this topic- but all might not be as it seems.
Certainly there have been instances of review sites being inundated with negative reviews from competitors who want to harm their competition.  Amnesties were granted..
In other words, a bad review or two might not be a bad thing.  Not everyone can get on with everyone else all of the time.  Some people would welcome a rude plumber as long as they were cheap, and efficient.  Others might scream in horror at a mug of half drunk tea not put in the kitchen on leaving and overlook that the price was over the odds for a sub-standard job.
Again, common sense is what is called for.  If there are negative comments about aspects that don’t overly concern you, then balance the information accordingly.
Even testimonials can be fraught with difficutly- that is in comparing plumbing apples with apples and not pears.
A glowing testimonial for replacement ball valve is not the same as one for fitting a complete heatring system is it?
Relevant experience is the key here.  What kind of job do you want doing?  Is it technical?  Does it just involved plumbing or does it also involved elecrticity and carpentry, such as fitting a kitchen or revamping a bathroom.  Plastering?  We could go on.

Plumbing Eastbourne can also mean carpentry and joinery Eastbourne.  Does your Eastbourne Plumber work with other trades that they know well and can vouch for the work- does their insurance cover third party work?  Will they guarantee other work too?

So, here is our recipe:
  • Understand the nature and scope of what you are wanting to get done, and if it fits a specialist category of plumbing as well e.g. fitted bathrooms + tiling then ask appropriate questions on the web, or face to face
  • Glean information from reviews- online and offline
  • Ask to see testimonials from people who have had similar works done, therefore
  • If you can speak to one of them, so much the better- if it takes a little time for the plumber to arrange this, so be it- buy in haste, repent at leisure.
  • Work out what is important to you- see our other guide for the heads up on this
  • Get several quotes but be sure to give the same brief to each plumber- or if talking to one of them changes the brief, go back to the other(s) and get an updated perspective
  • Weigh all of the information in the balance, have a cuppa or something stronger and then decide
That is just stage one.  Nobody said that it was simple!

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