Eastbourne Plumbing Services

Eastbourne Plumbing Services

Would you make a good client for an Eastbourne Plumber?  Good clients tend to get good Eastbourne Plumbing Services after all!

It takes two, to tango as they say.  Of course the customer is always right, but some are more right than others or so it seems.  So we went underground to evaluate what constitutes a good customer from a plumber’s perspective.

Eastbourne Plumbing Services

It was not surprising to learn that there was no “unrealistic expectations” scenario- no wanting to get paid over the odds for doing less than nothing.  Here in no particular order are some answers that came up- and you will have to read on to get the whole point of this- it is really about how you can get the most from your Eastbourne Plumber.

Be contactable- Plumbers in Eastbourne have busy lives, whether or they have a full diary of jobs.  They might be doing quotes, clearing out the van or the workshop, catching up on paperwork etc.  Your time is valuable, that is understood, but so is a plumber’s time too

Be at home for the quote visit, when you say you will- and for the work too, evidently

If you don’t know what the work will entail, ask- you might need to make alternative washing and washing up arrangements- it is common sense that if a job of say putting in a heating system is going to last 4 days, that you might be without water for at least one of them.  Avoid false expectations and ask- your plumber will be pleased to discuss minimising the impact of the work to be done

Do offer tea and coffee, it makes a difference- or say if you cannot do so- hot drinks in flasks don’t make themselves you know!

Accept that just as you are not psychic, neither is your Eastbourne Plumber- nobody can know what lies beneath or behind baths and walls- complications may arise which will be extra to the additional quote- your plumber should explain these and demonstrate and find the best compromise as to how to get the work done.  Compromise does not involve working for free by the way!

If the works to be done are extensive a deposit may be payable, this should be discussed and covered by the quote.  Generally if you are having a bathroom or kitchen installed or replaced then you will need to buy the materials, fixtures and fittings- and they need to be there in good time too.  It simply does not do for the heating and plumbing engineer to turn up on the agreed date and at the right time to find that they are twiddling their thumbs through no fault of their own

Check the work as it goes along, ask questions and ask politely for things to be fixed and put right if they are not as agreed- it might simply be an oversight after all, and politeness costs nothing as our grandparents always seemed to say

Pay promptly, in full if you have “signed off” and accepted the work.  If you have problems paying because say a cashed in ISA has not cleared, be straightforward and explain, pay what you can- and pay the balance when you say you will.  However it is better by far to ensure  that funds are available from the outset of the work.

It is an offence to knowingly help somebody else avoid tax and this includes your discount for cash scenario.  Most trades people simply neither want, nor need to get involved in shady dealings.  It would be rude to ask, so avoid it!

Whilst it is arguable that we should not be thanked for just doing our jobs on the one hand- on the other thanks for a job well done never go amiss.

The thing is that if you treat others well- even your Plumber in Eastbourne- then you have the expectation that you deserve politeness and good treatment in return.  It also makes it much more likely.  Paying comparitively large sums to get major works done can be intimidating and set us on edge.  Whilst your plumber is unlikely to be a trained counsellor they don’t have to be to understand that most customers are going to take a keen interest in the work they do.  Be open, be direct and be well, nice, and nice things are likely to happen to you and your plumber.  Simple.

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