Have you found the right Eastbourne Plumber or not?

Have you found the right Eastbourne Plumber or not?

Is your Eastbourne Plumber the right choice for you, and how do you know if you have got it wrong?

There is a national issue with unregistered plumbers working and carrying out jobs that they are not necessarily sufficiently skilled to do, and therefore carry no vaild insurances.  

Whether an Eastbourne Plumber or anywhere, unregistered plumbers should be avoided, therefore.

If only it was easy to answer yes or no to this question- and not just for Eastbourne but for any location, worldwide, in effect.

However- in order to answer this question, we need firstly to ask and answer some others, then we can arrive at yes or no anwers.Eastbourne Plumber Gas Safe

There is no qualification for the most basic of plumbing requirements- social or customer care skills.  Let’s face it, without the ability to listen to what is being said and without the capacity to convey their own ideas clearly any plumber will struggle to get and retain customer confidence.

EAL addresses the training and qualifications for the Engineering and associated industries, of which plumbing is one.  They have a verification service, and are particularly strong in the business to business sectors, or commercial plumbing if you prefer.

Simplistically speaking the two broad areas of plumbing are both diploma qualifications and are, respectively:

  • Plumbing and Heating and
  • Installing and Maintaining domestic heating systems

Awarding bodies include the previously mentioned EAL, the well known City and Guilds, and this is the link to BPEC

What follows is just our thoughts, it does not constitute advice, and you should check out our legal pages if you are in any doubt, that said, we hope that it is helpful.  Vaiidation bodies include http://jib-pmes.org/ which issues cards, just as Gas Safe does. CIPHE  also offers a service to find qualified plumbers and engineers. Whilst there is some potential for a plumber to have just level 2 of the NVQ and still be qualified they should be working or willing to work towards level 3, and in no circumstances does the City and Guilds Qualification on its own qualify a plumber to work on your heating system component parts.

A vaidated skils base- usually through an apprenticeship is vital.  After all, you can’t theoretically plumb a house, it is a practical skill.

Beyond basic qualifications there are numerous specialisms, including the OTEC route for oil fired heating systems, as opposed to Gas Safe, Environmental Technologies, Air-Conditioning, among others.

All plumbers have to have good problem solving skills, to be able to design certain elements to ensure that things will fit, and fit within regulations as well as be safe.  They will also need to be well organised, and able to plan efficiently.   There is little point in a plumber turning up to start a job not having ordered the boiler and radiators in advance of when they will be needed.  They should be efficient too, getting most things right first time and not having to keep going back to the merchant to get things they have missed, and adding uncecessary time to the job.

Plumbers have to work in confined spaces, and need to be fairly fit.  Radiators weigh a lot, as do other items, so they will need to be able to cope with the physical demands too.

Contrary to what is levelled at men about not following instructions plumbers obviously have to be able to follow numerous instructions, plans and adapt them to make the job a successful one.  Of course if your plumber is female they will always read the instructions, no problem.

So, if your plumber can evaluate the practical issues, come up with a plan to suit, price it sensibly, is well organised, and has good interpersonal skills then you are most of the way there to saying yes.  You should follow some of the links above to check out their bonafides.  Rogue plumbers, as well as builders often claim false qualifictions because they know that most people will not check them.  So if the qualifications stack up then we are probably just missing the S from YES.

The final factor is references from people who you know, or might be able to talk to, as well as online reviews such as on Qype, or Google Places.

Finally, if you want your plumber to be nice, be nice to them.  Simple.

You have found yourself a good Eastbourne Plumber.


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