Plumbers East Sussex

Plumbers East Sussex

What makes a good Eastbourne Plumber- apart from the fact that they are Plumbers East Sussex and therefore accessible?

Skill, reliability, competitive prices, and great service might be good places to start.  If these questions can be succinctly and successfully answered you are unlikey to go far wrong.

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Skill- most plumbers come up through similar routes of qualification, but like learning to drive- passing your test is only the start of it.  There used to be things called apprenticeships and of course there still are, however many people training as plumbers have only attained the theoretical qualification and cannot get the practical experience to make them fully qualified.  If in doubt, registration with a body that does checks such as a County Council Trading Standards body, or Checkatrade might be a good backstop.  Theoretical and practical knowledge are a must.  However, most skilled plumbers will have a trading record, testimonials and proof of work undertaken.  They will also have “third party and public liability insurance” which requires proof of qualifications in most instances.

Reliability- your home if not exactly a castle but it is your castle, and still needs to be treated with respect.  The first thing to note is that tradesmen such as plumbers need to be good communicators and arrive when they say they will, starting the work on time, and finishing promptly too.  However they should not rush jobs- after all it is better safe than sorry.  Reliability also means quoting a price and sticking to it, barring agreed amendments and alterations- which should nevertheless be specified and form another albeit verbal quote.

Competitive prices- now there is a thing.  If something looks too good to be true, then it probably is, as the saying goes.  A quote that is significantly cheaper than others (get 2 or 3 quotes and understand how each Eastbourne plumber intends to approach the work) might spell trouble.  A skilled and experienced plumber will after all be able to work more quickly and efficiently than an inpexperienced one.  Equally they will be able to deal with any bumps in the job quietly and effectively too.  So, a plumber who says that they will “fit the work in around other jobs” might leave you waiting without a kitchen, bathroom or boiler longer than one that charges slightly more but has a colleague, or plumber’s mate to get the job done on time.  Common sense and trusting your (informed) instincts are key.  Don’t confuse price with value or even good value.

Great service- we all have our ideas of what this might look like, but it starts from the first call.  Do they respond to messages, and call you when they say they will?  Do they turn up well presented and organised for the free quotation visit and do they listen and ask good questions?  Does the quote arrive when it should and is it clear- do they deal with any questions that you might have effectively?  When they are in your home do they protect the floors and fixtures and fittings?  Are they a local Eastbourne Plumber?  Those that are know the area well have relationships with suppliers and allied trades and can handle all aspects of the job smoothly.  Do they advise when the water will be off, the heating system down, and how long for?  Just asking!  Do they have testimonials from customers (some of whom you might be able to speak to) to show pride in their jobs well done?

Once the job is underway do they communicate any unforseen difficulties and, most importantly do they explain them in simple terms, in relation to what they are and the consequences?  Most plumbers will choose to work a little later to finish a job off, rather than come back for just an hour or two the following day, or after the weekend.

It is not rocket science to select a good Eastbourne Plumber, doing what you know is good enough for most people.  Good luck in your quest.  If you have any questions, just get in touch.

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