When you call an Emergency Plumber Eastbourne

When you call an Emergency Plumber Eastbourne

When you might just have to call an Emergency Plumber Eastbourne…


There are a number of emergency situations that can occur, the obvious one involves water, but water is not the only potential enemy to peace of mind.

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Aside from burst, frozen or leaking pipes there are also situations involving carbon monoxide (and potential poisoning) and a gas leak.  Both potentially much more threatening to life and limb than water.

Newer appliances in particular boilers have safety shut off mechanisms and won’t work if the flue gases contain too much carbon monoxide.  However, older appliances and gas fires might not be so equipped.  Then there is the potential combination and complicating factor of flues becoming blocked by debris, giving rise to the possibility of carbon monoxide levels rising drastically.

Appliances can leak, and pipes can leak, particularly if a join becomes brittle, corroded, or gets damaged, or just plain old and worn out.  Annual safety checks from a qualified Eastbourne Plumber can help to ensure that problems are identified and rectified before they become major issues.

The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include:

  • Frequent headaches when the appliances are working
  • Feeling sick/nauseous
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Feeling very tired
  • Pets will be affected too!

If you have an older style gas fire and the brick elements have soot deposits and the flame appears yellower than it used to, and not as strong then it might be due to an excess of carbon monoxide being produced.  Poor ventilation will affect the symptoms that you experience too if there is a basic problem.

You should fit an alarm specifically to identify excess carbon monoxide, in any event.  If you think you have suffered then get out of the room and property as soon as you can, leave a door open for ventilation, call 999 if you or any of those with you in the property experiences strong symptoms.  If not, then you can get tested via your GP (urgent appointment!!) Call an appropriately qualified, Eastbourne Plumber and get the faults pinpointed, fixed and you can literally breathe easy again.

Gas leaks are potentially fatal not only to yu and other occupiers of the property but also those nearby too, in case of an explosion.  Shut the gas supply off AT THE METER.  Turn the electricity off too- a spark from a timed appliance could be fatal.  Don’t use any naked flame (cigarette lighter) open windows and doors, and call an emergency plumber who is Gas Safe Registered.  Do not re-enter the property until you are sure that it has been ventilated properly, and then only when you have checked that the gas really is turned off!

Regular checking and servicing of boilers, fires, and heaters, and associated flues will help to keep you and your loved ones safe, as well as ensuring efficient working of all appliances.  It is nearly always better to book  an inspection and service: if you book an inspection from a national organisation and there is no provision for a service element you might face having your boiler deemed unsafe, and then have to pay over the odds to have it fixed, when all it needed was some minor adjustment which is covered by a routine service.  Again, we are specifically talking about older boilers here- more modern ones have safety cut outs.

There is nothing in the above which is anything more than common sense, however it is hard to remember what to do in an emergency but to keep it even more simple:

Shut off supplies,  get out, ventilate the property if you can, call 999 if necessary, call an emergency plumber too..

We hope that this helps shed some light on what can happen and what to do if it does.

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