When you need to complain about an Eastbourne Plumber

When you need to complain about an Eastbourne Plumber

How do you complain about an Eastbourne Plumber?

Should you have had issues with an Eastbourne Plumber or a company supplying Plumbing Services Eastbourne, then read on.

It might be too late to wish that you had read one of pieces dealing with just this topic, and whilst you might be shutting the stable door after the plumbing horse has bolted, all is not lost.  Not necessarily.

If your plumber has scarpered, to use a technical term, or if they have gone out of business, or ceased trading, then the Association of Heating and Plumbing Contractors   might ride to your rescue if the plumber was a member.  Aside from a Code of Practice which makes it easier to judge whether you might have a case against a member, once the plumber is confirmed as not being available to finish or rectify the job- then provided the code has been followed- APHC will get another member to finish it. 

If you are going to engage a plumber then consider our common sense comments on how to go about this, added to your own due diligence and research, of course.

Not to forget actually checkiing references and membership and qualifications details either!

A contract for which the quotation for the job, specifying start and end dates, what is included and cost is the basis for your attempting to rectify any wrongs.  The Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 pretty much puts plumbers in the same position as a company which sells you a washing machine.  The plumbing work has to function as expected. 

The cost must be what is called reasonable.  In other words if you are landed with a colossal bill, and you get quotes from other plumbers for the same work and they are all considerably lower you could consider only offering the average price of the other quotations.  Plumbers have what is called “Duty of Care” under the legislation to you, and your property.  If the price is not agreed in advance then any work done must be completed at a reasonable standard, at a reasonable cost.  

So, it has all gone awry, if not completely wrong-what next?

Emergency Plumber Eastbourne

Make notes, take pictures, and keep your file up to date with what happens when.  You might need them.  If you have them, you are less likely to need them but there is a law which says that if you don’t have them you will certainly need them.  We are sure that you know the name of this law!

Keep calm, and call the plumber to arrange an appointment at the property so you can show the issues at hand and discuss them.  Listen carefully to any comments, and clarify that you have understood the points the plumber is making. 

Most reputable plumbers will put any substandard or items not as specified in the quote right promptly.  Trades people tend to get a significant volume of their work from recommendation either directly or indirectly.  They have a vested interest in puttingt things right.  If the work you are requesting is extra to the quote then you are liable to pay the plumber- ask fora quote this time, whoever does the work.

As a last resort you could issue in the Small Claims Court section of the local County Court.  This is where your record keeping will come in useful.  As will your reasonable attempts to get the matter cleared up without rushing to court.  You should have given, and the plumber should have failed in attempts to right matters.

Most Eastbourne Plumbers and plumbers elsewhere who have been in business for any time will be competent and do a good job.  Be nice, but be precise and be firm and most issues can either be avoided, rectified, or won’t even occur in the first place. 

We hope that this has been of help, if it has, and you need more information just contact us.

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